Why A Maid Service in Litchfield Park, AZ


Of all of the things you have to get and keep clean in your home, the one that many people pay little attention to are all of the floors you have. Don't be surprised at that, there is one of them in each room and they rarely receive the attention that everything else gets. This includes the counters in the kitchen and the toilets, tub and sinks in the bathroom. A professional Maid Service in Litchfield Park, AZ, such as ours deals them every visit, just like clockwork. A residential maid service is your best bet when it comes to the different types of floors that are represented in houses across the area. You may have the most popular flooring in the vast majority of homes, carpet and/or area rugs. These are, whether you may know it or not, the largest air cleaners in your home. The vast majority of the dust and dirt that is brought into the house falls to the floor.


Since there is more area covered in carpets they take a large part of this debris and it hangs on to the pile. And since it floated into your home in the air stream, it will dislodge from the carpet as people walk around or as the kids play one them. They then will become airborne, again, and float into other areas. If this debris contains such things as germs, bacteria or allergens, such as pollen, it can spread out and make more people sick than just those in that room.


One other flooring is resilient tile. This must be swept and mopped on a very regular basis to keep any dust and dirt from marring the surface. When this tile gets scratched, it can begin the process of sloughing the wax off, so a refinishing coat should almost always be scheduled to ensure the protection of this floor type. No matter what flooring you have in your home, we have the skill and experience to handle it properly. Residential Maid Service in Litchfield Park, AZ, to us means everything from top to bottom, all over the house, especially the bottom.