We Provide A Efficient Maid Service In Laveen, AZ

 The basement apartment needs to be cleaned and refreshed for your guests who will be staying in the apartment for about three months. You attempted to clean the space numerous times, but there was always something that came up that prevented you from cleaning the basement apartment space such as the kids needing to be taken to various places, a few date nights with the hubby and spending time with the family.

You do not have to fret over getting the job done if you call us and use our reputable and reliable maid service in Laveen, AZ. Our trained and skilled maids will clean your entire basement apartment and will make it spotless. The walls and windows will be cleaned and washed and the carpeting will be vacuumed. In addition, the crew will dust and polish the furniture and will make the bed with fresh linen.

Also, the team will clean and sanitize the bathroom and will sterilize the sink, mirrors, toilet and the door and door handles. Plus, our efficient team will clean the chrome fixtures and will mop the bathroom floor.

We are an established maid service in Laveen, AZ that you can trust. Our maids will do a great job cleaning your basement apartment. They are bonded and insured and their backgrounds and references have been thoroughly checked. Plus, we screen each applicant before we hire them.

Once we are done, you will want to keep the space clean for your guests during their stay. The cleaning schedules that we offer include daily, weekly and three and five times a week that can be changed at any time to fit your current needs.

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