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How to sanitize bathrooms

How to sanitize bathrooms? Well it can be said that most people are not fond of cleaning and sanitizing their bathrooms. Though, it is very much a necessary evil. A bathroom is the main area in your home that houses the most bacteria. Bacteria are one of the major causes for illness that we deal with in this day and age.

So in order to prevent illness, sanitizing your bathroom well is important. Here are some steps to help you to sanitize your bathroom.

1. Start by makings sure you have all the supplies you will need. Take a look at what you will be cleaning in your bathroom. This means to look at what type of tile you will be cleaning. Also, you will need to look at the type of grime and build up you will be working to remove. Some bathrooms are easier than others. There are some that really need a deep clean to remove stains etc.

Here are some supplies you can look at getting:

a. Rubber gloves, these are important because you do not want to expose yourself to the germs and bacteria in the bathroom that you are trying to get rid of.b. A good deep cleanser for your toilet. This is usually different then the cleaners for your tub and sink. The best type is the ones that will not run down the edge of the bowl, before it has a chance to work on the stains and bacteria. It is also a good idea to get something with bleach in it. Bleach is a great way to remove the bacteria and germs.c. Then you will want a good cleaner for the shower. If there is a great deal of lime or rust, you may need a stronger lime and rust remover. However, use caution with these, because they can be very hard on skin and cloth. If there were not as much build up, then it would be fine to get a simple shower spray or foam. The foam tends to stick to the surfaces better and works on the dirt better.d. You will want a good glass cleaner. The main thing is ammonia or citrus base so that the mirrors and glass get cleaner.e. You will need the tools for scrubbing. A scrub brush, some sponges, a small brush for reaching into the smaller areas, a good toilet brush with a base, finally some good cloth towels for mirrors.f. Your broom, dustpan and mop will also be important for the floors.g. A container to carry your cleaning supplies and brushes. The reason for this is because you will want to keep the cleaning supplies and tools in a separate location from your kitchen and general house supplies.

2. Next you will want to be able to sanitize the bathroom with out distractions and interference. The cleaning supplies you use on the bathroom are strong and it is important to keep these things away from children and animals. So it is a good idea to sanitize, when there will not be these types of interruptions.3. Clean the small cracks and crevices first. Make sure you have a good amount of cleaner to reach into those areas that are corners, or in between areas. Also, use the small brush to reach into the faucet and around the edges of the faucet.4. Now, you will want to sanitize from the top to the bottom of each part of the bathroom. This way any drips go down and can be cleaned up at the bottom at the end.5. Rinse off all of the areas with warm water. The hotter the better. Because hot water will kill more germs.6. In between the deep sanitation times, it is a good idea to use a bleach sanitizer, just a little bleach with a good deal of water. Wipe down the areas that have the most frequent use, to prevent germs and bacteria from having a chance to spread and grow. Also, a good disinfectant spray can be used on handles, rims etc. This will help to protect the area from bacteria.

This is how to sanitize bathrooms. The basic idea is to stop the growth of bacteria and germs in all areas of the bathroom. The key is to get them before they get your family.


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