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How To Organize Your Shower In Your Bathroom in Scottsdale, AZ

Mary Astadourian (Professional Organizer) gives expert video advice on: What is the best way to organize my shower?

What is the best way to organize my shower?

Showers are like a mind field, because I'm sure everyone has had that thing that you hang on the shower, and you're in the middle of taking a shower and it falls down on you and you're kind of freaked out because it never seems to just stay on. So if you have a shower and you don't have good built in shelving or anywhere to put stuff, it is always really tricky to try to find something to try to hold everything in. Now, again I recommend that you try to limit if you can, how many things you want to have in the shower with you, like maybe just three different kinds of shampoo instead of eight different kinds of shampoo. But some people just really want to have that variety, and they want to have all those things in there. So get some shower organizers that you can get, and make sure that they are securely put on and put in. There are some great corner pieces that you can buy to put in if you have a standing shower. Those are fantastic because have lots of storage space, and you can stack everything in there. Other than that you are pretty limited, so you really have to try, unfortunately, to limit yourself. There are also some great little bins that you can buy, that are purposely made for showers and pool areas, and they have holes in them so that the water doesn't collect. So, if you really are desperate to have so many toiletries in the shower with you, and you don't have any space, you could put them in one of those and take it in and out of the shower, or just leave it in there - but at least it is all sort of movable.

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