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Keeping your floors clean in Scottsdale, AZ

The floors of a home get a lot of use, and keeping them clean and looking their best can be a difficult thing to do. The following is a guide to when to clean the different floors in your home:

Daily: If you have small children, or tend to really mess your floors, a daily cleaning may be necessary, but only of the highest traffic areas. So, for example, sweep your kitchen and dining room floor each day if you have messy children eating there, as you will have plenty of crumbs and debris to sweep up. Also, spot clean floors on a daily basis as mess occurs. If your child dumps juice, mop it up, if they get chocolate on the carpet, spot clean it that day. This will keep the floor looking better without requiring an all over clean.

Weekly: Once a week clean the floors of your home in the high traffic areas. This means anywhere you walk all of the time, or spend a lot of time, and for sure your kitchen floor. The best way to clean these floors depends on the floor type. Here is a quick guide:

Wood: Vacuum, dust, then use a damp mop to clean any trouble areas, and to refresh the look. Use a cleanser designed for wood, or use a home brew tea wash.

Vinyl: Vacuum, dust, wash with hot water and a vinyl cleanser, such as Borax.

Tile: Vacuum and dust, avoid vinegar cleansers, use an all purpose cleaner that won't eat at your grout.

Carpet: Vacuum at the appropriate height for your carpet, make sure your vacuum has fresh filters and an empty canister or bag for the best suction.

Monthly: If your home has some low traffic areas, make sure that you do not neglect them just because they are not looking dirty. On a monthly basis be sure to deep clean even the low traffic areas of your home. This would be guest rooms, etc. Clean as stated above. This will get dust and other debris found in the air from damaging your flooring.

Quarterly: Once every four months or so, you want to do a deeper clean. This would mean moving your furniture, and vacuuming under it and behind it. So, pull your couch away from its usual spot, and clean the walls and floor under and behind it. This will keep your whole home, not just your flooring fresh.

Yearly: Once a year get a professional carpet cleaning done. This will help your carpet last longer, and look better. It is also wise to have your carpet scotch guarded each time you have it cleaned. It is expensive, but it will make it so there is less chance of stain, and your carpet will hold up to cleanings better if it has a protective layer.

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