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Tips for keeping under and behind appliances clean

Cleaning under appliances isn't always fun, but it makes your home feel clean and fresh.  It's hard work moving the appliances or trying to get around them to get them clean, but here are some tips to make is easier for you.

First off, you don't have to clean under and behind your appliances every week.  They get dirty, but not that dirty.  Try to clean them every once in a while.  Say every few months if you are really worried about it, or once a year when you are doing your Spring cleaning.  Cleaning under appliances like the refrigerator is a huge job, and it is one that doesn't require that you do it everyday.  But do it at least once a year.  You will be cleaning all the places you don't usually clean when you Spring clean, so add cleaning under and behind your appliances to the list. 

Clean the floor under the appliance.  Use the same floor cleaner just maybe go over the area a few times to make sure that it is spotless.  To make sure it is cleaned extra good, get a rag or paper towel and get on your hands a knees and clean the area. 

You also have to clean underneath the appliance.  If the appliance isn't cleaned then there is no point in cleaning the floor when the dust and dirt from the appliance will just fall off the appliance onto the floor.  To clean the appliance, make sure everything is out of it, like the racks in an oven or all the food in a refrigerator.  If you have a dolly, put in on the dolly and while someone holds it at an angle, clean the bottom of the appliance.  While it is still on the dolly clean the sides of it.  Make sure the person holding it is capable of holding the heavy appliance.  If you don't have a dolly, gently set the appliance on it's side and clean the bottom.

If the appliance is one that you can't really wipe the bottom of it, then use a vacuum cleaner.  Make sure any lose pieces that you still want on the appliance are taken off before you do it.  You can even just use a small hand held vacuum if it works better for you. 

For the time in between your deep cleaning of the appliances, try some simple cleaning that will help you keep under and behind your appliances clean.  Wipe around the appliances as much as you can.  You don't have to move anything, just clean around it as much as you can. 

If something spills under the appliance, make sure you clean it up as soon as possible.  Something like a milk spill will start to smell really bad after a few days.  It will be much easier to clean up right away than in a few days when it has dried.  If you spill something like juice or kool aid under the appliance, it will turn sticky and may even attract bugs.  It will be inconvenient but it will save you time in the long run. 

Make sure that you unplug the appliances before you attempt to move them.  This will protect you from hurting yourself or from breaking the cord that is attached to the appliance.  When you clean your appliance, take your time.  Take a couple hours out of your day to complete the project.  Have your husband or children help too.  Make it a fun activity for the whole family, and do something fun together afterwards. 

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