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Carpet spots, how to clean them yourself in Scotsdale, AZ  85258

No matter who you are, or how clean and particular you are, there are going to be times when you get spots on your carpet. Spots happen. Drinks drip or spill, shoes carry in debris, dust collects, kids have accidents. So, what can you do when you have carpet spots? Getting your carpets cleaned can be really expensive, not to mention that too frequent of cleanings can break the carpet down, and make its lifespan far shorter. So, the following is a look at how you can clean carpet spots on your own without calling in the cleaners:

1. Choose a cleaner. Every carpet is different, and thus every cleaner should be as well. You do not need to buy an expensive machine to clean your carpet, a bucket and rag can be just as effective, but the product you use to clean should be selected carefully. Oxyclean is a great option for almost any carpet, and the instructions for mixing it for carpet cleaning are on the packaging. Bissel also makes some great carpet cleaner products. Of course, another option is trial and error.2. Test your cleaner. The best way to protect yourself from problems with your carpet spots is to test the product you intend to clean it with on a remote place. If you have a closet, for example, test the carpet in it, rather than in the middle of the room. This will help you know if you are going to have a problem, such as dying the carpet, bleaching it, etc. Once you have tested it, and found it to be fine, move to step 3.3. Clean as soon as possible. If you get a spot in your carpet, do not let it stay long. The sooner you clean it, the better the results are likely to be. So, if your child spills juice, clean it immediately. If you notice a spot, do not let it go long, clean it right away.4. Pretreat. Just like with clothing, stains on carpet will lift easier if you give the product a chance to work. So pre-treat the carpet, and come back to it a few minutes later.5. Do not over-soak the carpet. Water and soap are a great tool because they collects and attracts dirt. So, if you use too much and soak your carpet, it may actually end up dirtier than it was before. So, do your best to not over soak the floor. Use a vacuum of some kind to suck up excess water.6. Let dry completely before anyone walks on it. If you let people tread on the carpet right after it was cleaned, the stains may return, or you may get new ones. Think of it like a new baby, if it is exposed to something right after cleaning, it is more likely to get it and have it be worse than if you wait for it to have a chance to dry. So, if need be, block it off.

Having a spray bottle with carpet spot cleaner on hand to fight stains immediately is wise. In addition, you may want to keep a box of wet wipes on hand. When you can't get to a cleaner, wet wipes work well to lift dirt and stains until you have a chance to clean the carpets.

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