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Cleaning Wood Kitchen Cupboards, Cabinets, Doors and more
Take a deep breath and relax... you will soon be feeling great about having clean kitchen cabinets and cupboards!For cutting grease and fingerprints and grime on cabinets made of wood, there is nothing as effective as our Touch of Oranges Wood Cleaner and Conditioner.Spray the Touch of Oranges directly on greasy buildup and stains.Wipe off grime with a terry cloth towel.Repeat if neccessary.After your cabinets are clean you will want to protect them. Our Touch of Beeswax Wood Preserver uses a special formula that carries bees wax deep into the surface of the wood to protect the wood from stains and damage and makes them look great. Using a soft cloth, simply wipe the Touch of Beeswax onto the wood and let it set. The loger it sets, the deeper the penetration and the longer the protection will last. We recommend you leave the Touch of Beeswax setting on your wood surface overnight if possible.You will be amazed at how your cabinets can look almost new again. Many people that were considering replacing their cabinets have extended the life of their current cabinets for years, simply by cleaning with Touch of Oranges and protecting with Touch of Beeswax.For a lot more information about Touch of Oranges, click here. For a lot more information about Touch of Beeswax, click here. We offer a discount when you purchase both products together. For a lot more information on our Wood Cleaner and Wood Preserver Set, click here.

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