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Clean Gas Burners

By Sarah Aguirre, Guide

Many people tout the benefits of using gas burners as a cooking tool. Gas burners do a great job, when those tiny little holes that the flames are supposed to come out of aren't clogged. A clogged gas burner will give off a weak flame, or in some cases, no flame at all. Find out how to keep your gas burner clean and operational.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 15-20 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Read the Manufacturer's Care Information.

    Knowing what kind of care is best for your appliance will go a long way in protecting your investment. A manual will help you know which areas are safe to remove for cleaning, making your job a much easier one.

  2. Unclog the Burner.

    Using a straight pin or an opened paper clip, carefully unclog each small port of the gas burner. If you have an older cook top with a standing pilot light, you'll need to shut off the gas valve before you begin.


  3. Exercise Caution.

    Don't try to dig around too deeply in the port holes. We're just trying to unclog them. Never use a toothpick because of the risk of breaking off a piece that will further clog the gas burner.

  4. Remove Parts to Soak.

    Remove all the parts of the burner and cook top that can be removed. Soak them using a sink of hot water with dish soap while you clean the rest of the burner surfaces. For tough greasy buildup, use a paste of 1 part water and 1 part baking soda. Gently scrub the removable parts of your gas burner. Rinse thoroughly.

  5. Wipe with a Damp Cloth

    To keep water from entering the gas burner, use a cloth that is damp without being wet.

  6. Relight the Pilot Light

    Shine up any spots that need it on the burners. Following the manufacturer's instructions, relight the pilot light. Wash and dry the remaining parts and replace them.

What You Need

  • Straight pin or paper clip
  • Dish soap
  • Baking soda
  • Water
  • Cleaning cloths
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