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How to make your carpet last longer in Scottsdale, AZ

Keeping your carpets neat and clean can be difficult. With little hands and feet, visitors, and the everyday drudgery that a carpet endures it can be quite hard to keep them looking nice. Here are some tips to make your carpet last longer and keep it looking nice.Tip #1: Rearrange your furnitureOne of the best ways to keep your carpets looking nice and help them last longer is to rearrange your furniture so that the wear and tear of the carpet is evenly divided. By moving the furniture around you can keep the carpet cleaner and get less traffic on the same parts of the carpet, and can help spice things up a little.

Tip #2: VacuumAnother great way to make your carpets last longer and keep them looking nice is to use your vacuum frequently. They say that you should be vacuuming your house at least once a week; that doesn't include vacuuming when spills or major crumbs occur. Keeping your carpets vacuumed will keep the dirt from settling too much into the carpet pad and also keep some stains from settling in. You can increase the life of your carpet by at least a few years just by running the vacuum once a week.

Tip #3: Take your shoes offIn some countries it is actually considered rude to keep your shoes one when you enter someone else's home. Unfortunately that is not the case in the United States (although in individual homes it could be different) and carpets suffer great because of it. When you're kids come in from playing outside or you have guests over ask them to remove their shoes so that they're not tracking dirt and other things through the entire house and grinding them into the carpet. However, with that in mind your carpets will last much longer if you keep your socks on while walking around. It's not always the most convenient thing, but the oils from our feet can get into the carpets and wear them down much faster than if you wear socks.

Tip #4: Keep snacking in the kitchenIf you have kids it's probably not unusual for you to find crumbs and bits of food all over the house. When you have carpet those little pieces of food will actually get stuck in the fibers and become quite difficult to get out, so do yourself and your carpets a huge favor and limit your snacking and meal times to the kitchen. This will keep small pieces of food out of the carpet and also make it less likely to get stubborn stains on your carpet from little hands spilling.Tip #5: Buy a quality carpetIf you want your carpets to last longer then make sure before you even buy a carpet to look and buy a carpet that is known for durability and quality. There are several different carpet choices out there with many manufacturers and it can be overwhelming searching, but if you really want them to last more than a few years don't go with the cheapest stuff out there. Spend a little more and get a little back. Tip #6: Shampoo your carpetsYou can either shampoo the carpets on your own, or you can save up and have a professional carpet cleaning service come out and do it for you. Either way, if you want your carpets to last longer you're going to need to keep them clean by shampooing them.

Don't be afraid to call a flooring place to ask them how to make your carpet last longer. They should be happy to give you some helpful tips on what to do to keep your carpets looking nice and somewhat new.

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