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Removing rings in toilets ini Phoenix, AZ

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If you get rings around your toilet often than it probably means that you will need to clean you toilet more often. The best thing you can do to prevent getting toilet rings is to clean your toilets once a week.

You need to clean your toilets. If you don't clean your toilets than you could end up with this ring or even worse, you could end up getting this bacteria that stinks and it is hard to get off. It's so much easier to clean the toilet once a week.

How to clean your toilet properly:

First, you will need to buy a few things I you don't have them already.

You will need to buy some bleach or cleaner like cometAlso a toilet scrubber, unless you want to scrub it by hand.Also you might want to get a every day toilet bowl cleaner. This is usually next to the cleaning supplies in your local Wal-Mart or grocery store. It usually attaches on the side of your toilet.Also if you would like you can buy some long arm gloves to help you.

These things shouldn't cost you that much you can usually find them in your local dollar store. Unless you want to get the magic eraser or better more expensive products than you can go to Wal-Mart. They do help you out a lot when trying to clean your toilets.

Now you can go ahead and start following these easy steps on how to get rings off your toilet bowl.

Step one:

Put the comet in your toilet and allow it to sit there for about fifteen to twenty minuets. This depends on your judgment and how long the rings have been there. If needed let it sit over night it might help.

Step two:

After the comet has stat for some time you can start to scrub the ring. If you would like to you can flush the toilet before scrubbing it. If you don't see any difference than you might have not added enough if so than you probably should try again and use more commit or bleach.

Step three:

Flush away the rust or grime. If you are having difficulties getting the ring off than you might want to try a different method. Also you can repeat the one above it usually works best.

If you didn't succeed with using bleach then you can try to use a magic eraser. You can find a magic eraser at the local grocery store. The only bad thing about using a magic eraser is that you have to clean the toilet by hand but magic erasers unusually can clean anything. Its up to you, remember you can also buy gloves.

You can use ammonia if you need to. It isn't the most recommended but it should help clear the ring up. You can try anything that you have used before to clean up rust or grime and see if that works better.

This is why cleaning your toilets is so important because if you take the five minutes a week to clean your toilet it is so much easier than fifteen to twenty minuets scrubbing out bacteria.

This is how to get rings off your toilet bowl. It is not fun so maybe you should try to clean you toilet once a week after this, to prevent rings or bacteria.




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