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7 Tips for Cleaning an HE Washing Machine

By Sarah Aguirre, Guide

I remember the first time I used our HE washing machine. I was so excited to have this brand new beautiful machine in our home. But after many more loads, I began to be concerned about keeping it clean, fresh, and new.

1. Leave the door to your HE washing machine open when not in use.

One of the most simple ways to maintain your HE washing machine is to leave the door open to the washer when it is not in use. This will allow the washing machine to dry out completely. If you shut the door, especially right after a load, the water droplets in the washing machine may begin to make the washing machine smell of mold and mildew. If you cannot leave it open because of worries about young children or pets, be sure to wipe down the interior, including the rubber seal to prevent and/or reduce odors in the washing machine.

2. Periodically clean the detergent dispensers.
We might forget about the detergent dispensers. Because we are adding laundry soap to them on a regular basis, we might mistakenly believe that they don't get dirty. Actually soap buildup can be a tough mess to clean. Luckily, most HE washing machines are designed to allow you to take apart and clean out the dispenser portion of the washer. Try lifting out the parts and washing them in a sink of warm/hot water. When in doubt follow manufacturer's instructions.

3. Don't forget the outside.

Usually a dry microfiber cloth will work well enough to dust the outside of your washing machine. If spills have happened, you may need a wet cloth to clean them up. Occasionally a spill can stain the washing machine, so be sure to wipe up spills right when they happen. If you do have an older stain, sometimes a gentle non-scratch scrub sponge can help remove or lighten the effects of the stain.

4. Clean the rubber seal.

That rubber seal on your HE washing machine is one of the features that makes your washer work well. Unfortunately, rubber seals can also be the sources of bad smells and dit from your washing machine. Small particles of debris get trapped in the seal area as the washing cycle goes. Those particles can buildup over time staining and even damaging the rubber seal. To prevent this, periodically clean out and wipe down the seal area. If it's the first time you've done it, it might be fairly gross. Keep wiping it down once a week with warm water and you'll eliminate most odors and grime.Cl

5. Clean out the drain filter.

For best results, refer to your washing machine's owners manual since different machines have different procedures. When you empty the drain filter, water will pour out, so have a bucket or something to be able to catch the water. You'll need to check the drain filter a few times every year so that everything will remain running smoothly.

6. Check the pockets before you wash.

Before you put any clothes into the washing machine, you should check the pockets. This is an important step in sorting laundry. There isn't anything worse than opening up your washing machine to find that a pen was washed and has exploded all over your laundry. Similarly, paper or tissue in pockets can make a huge mess when the washing cycle is done. And of course, nobody wants their electronic devices washed and ruined. Taking a few minutes to check the pockets while you sort laundry will more than make up for the time spent.

7. Periodically clean around, underneath, and behind the washing machine.

Even the most careful laundry people will accidentally have things fall all around the washing machine. Take the time every few months to sweep out the area around, behind, and underneath the washing machine. You may need help to be able to move it, but taking the time is worth the effort. You just might find all those pesky missing socks. And you'll be able spot stains and water damage more easily.

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