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Question: What Is the Difference Between All Purpose and Multi Purpose Cleaners?
Answer: All Purpose Cleaners are designed to clean many different types of washable surfaces, although reading the directions will reveal types of surfaces that specific cleaners should not be used on. The benefit of an All Purpose Cleaner is that it provides consumers with one cleaner that can be used in most areas of their home. All Purpose Cleaners can frequently be used to mop, clean counter tops, clean bathroom surfaces, and more.

Multi Surface Cleaners are designed with the same purpose, but usually are used on fewer surface types than all purpose cleaners. Consumers will frequently see Multi Surface Cleaners that are designed as glass cleaners that can be used on counter tops, tile, and bathroom surfaces. These cleaning solutions may be more limited in their abilities.

Read directions thoroughly to find out if the surfaces you need cleaned can be served by the solution. No matter how many purposes your cleaning solution can cover, it's a good idea to test new surfaces in hidden areas. Reading the directions before you buy will also help determine if the cleaner is able to serve any real purpose in your home.

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