Phoenix, AZ, Window Washing checklist


Window of savings.

Clean windows allow more sunlight into your house. Try Windex® Original Glass Cleaner to clean your windows to a streak-free shine.And during winter’s shorter days, take advantage of natural power! For example, open the shades and use mirrors and light-colored walls to maximize natural light during the day and minimize the use of lamps.Now that you’re letting in that warm sunshine, you can also identify areas in your home where air could leak out, increasing your energy costs. Did you know that 10–25 percent of a home's heat is lost through its windows (which could mean higher winter heating bills)? As you're cleaning your windows, check them for leaks, cracks and holes that let heat (or cool air) escape. Try this: hold a lit candle or a long piece of sewing thread near shut windows and doors. If the candle flickers or the thread moves or flutters, you've got air leaks. To help patch air leaks, use caulking or weather stripping (see sidebar).

Open and shut case.

Double-check your fireplace to make sure your damper is fully shut. With an open or improperly closed damper, heat or cool air escapes up the chimney and raises your heating and cooling costs. Don't forget to open your damper again before you light a fire!

Spin control.

In warmer months, ceiling fans that turn counterclockwise circulate air to cool a room and help reduce your air conditioning bills. In colder weather, however, you'll want to switch your fans to spin clockwise so they can push warm air down from the ceiling, where it naturally rises, into the room. This small change can mean big savings. Check your manual or with your manufacturer to find out how to reverse your fan's direction. (Can't find it? Many manuals are now available online.)Don’t forget to clean your fan blades with Pledge® Multi Surface Duster, as dust tends to collect on the fan blades over time.

Draw the curtains.

Make sure that your curtains or draperies completely cover your windows and that your blinds or shades are in good working condition. When it’s cold outside, close your window coverings in the evening to help block out the cold and keep in the heat. Then open them during the day to let sunlight—and warmth—back in.In warmer climes, your curtains can keep the cold air in. Simply draw the blinds, shades or draperies during the hottest times of the day to protect your home from the heat of the sun—and your upholstered furniture from fading.


A safe, easy way to clean outdoor windows.

Use Windex™ Outdoor All-in-One Glass Cleaning Tool. Simply spray, wipe and rinse for a streak-free shine with no drying—or ladder—required! While you're cleaning your outdoor windows, be on the lookout for more ways you can save on your next energy bill.

Seal up.

While washing the windows, double-check for damage, which may be apparent only from the outside. For instance, you may notice a crack in a window-pane that goes unnoticed indoors because it's covered by a window treatment. You'll also want to look for any cracked caulking or worn weather stripping, which can let in cold air.If you have windows that you never open (in the attic, for example), it might be wise to permanently seal them off. To do this, simply shut and lock the window and then add caulking or weather stripping to both sides of the window frame. Please note that your local laws and/or homeowners’ insurance policy may place certain restrictions on sealing windows that you should ensure compliance with.

Bright lights.

While you’re outside, keep a canister of Windex® Original Glass Wipes on hand to clean grime off outside lights, especially those near entryways or walkways. With the lights turned off, remove the light bulb and dust it off as well. You'll be surprised how much brighter the lights will be.