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How to keep your garbage odor down in Phoenix, AZ

Garbage odors are something that everyone has to deal with.  No matter who you are or what you do, you will always have garbage.  So how is someone supposed to keep the smell at bay?  Here are some tips.

Washing out your garbage can is always the first step.  Sometimes your bags can leak and you don't notice until you tie up the bag and are ready to take it out.  Then by the time you come back you forget about the leak and the mess it's made in the trash can.  So to help, once a month take your garbage can out and spray it down with a hose.  Try using some dishwashing soap and really clean it out.  You can also try scrubbing it if there are things crusted on.  Make sure you do a thorough cleaning.  Also, for those in between times try putting some baking soda in the bottom.  This will help neutralize the odor of anything that may leak or drop down. 

There are millions of air fresheners that you can use for your trash can.  Some of them work and some don't.  Some are used up in only a little bit of time and other last longer.  Try a few of them out if you want more of a way to get rid of the smell and replace it with something else.  There are also sprays that you can get to get rid of the odor.  One brand called ForceOut works well but there are many others too.  Just look for them in the cleaning aisle. 

The "Bad Air Sponge" is another product that helps to get rid of odor.  Since the odor is airborne, the sponge actually draws the odor in and absorbs it.  It has been used in many places like the White House and Smithsonian Institution.  It would be better used in a larger trash can, like the one you keep outside. 

There are also products designed for pet odors that can help with trash cans.  They work the same way as the sprays or the odor eaters but can be found at the pet stores. 

Making sure your garbage can is clean is the most important thing when keeping the garbage odor down.  If the garbage can has something smelly on it then no matter how much spray you use, you still won't be able to make it smell very good.  Try to use good garbage bags like Glad bags, to make sure that your bags won't break very easily.  That will help make sure that you don't have spills in the bottom of the trash can.  You don't have to use the odor shield ones, just the normal ones.  If you are using the normal garbage bags and cleaning out your trash can at least once a month and maybe using a spray you won't have a problem with your odor from your trash can. 

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