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Keeping your electronics dust free in Phoenix, AZ

Keeping your electronics dust free. This is never an easy job. The reason that dust is always getting on your electronics is simply that the electronic impulses tend to pull dust into them.

Electronics is known as one of the biggest dust magnet problems out there. They are known to not only get dust on top of them, but also inside of them. The other problem with dust and electronics is that the dust can become very damaging to many of the moving parts of the electronics. 



So what is dust, and why does it do this and other damaging things to our electronics and us?

Dust is the combination of dirt, bacteria, pollen, mold, dander from humans and animals, dust mites, insulation, decomposing insects, fibers, lint and much more. Wow, did you know that is what you are breathing? This is what is in and on your electronics. How do you make it so that you can keep the dust to a minimal?

Good question!

Anywhere there are the electronics or materials that attract dust you will have dust. There are several cleaners that are used to remove and repel dust. Though, there are some other things you can do in addition to the cleaners to help.

You will need:

Furniture polish for the areas that are around your electronicsA vacuum with the small brush attachmentA can of air productClean white cloths that attract dust or a dust removing cleaning tool (Swiffer makes a good tool. There are others like those)AC and heater filters are important for reducing dustAir filtersSeals around the doors and windows need to be kept secure

Here are the tools you will need. Now how do you use them? Starting with cleaning the areas that accumulate dust around the electronics will help to eliminate the dust affecting the electronics. This includes the AC, heaters, vacuums, the desks, window seals, the blinds etc. These are areas that will bring more dust to the electronics you have.

Then you will want to make it a general practice to clean your electronics both inside with the can of air, and the outside with a good dust cleaner and a clean white cloth.

When you use the can of air, you want to try to blow the dust out and away from the electronics, not into the functioning parts. This would hold true for computers, televisions, and just about anything else with moving parts.

It is important to not spray cleaner directly on or in the electronics. You can put the cleaner on the cloth and wipe the electronics down. This way you are limiting the exposure to the delicate parts of the electronics.

The key about using a white cloth and a dust attracting cloth is that some towel, feather brushes etc seem to just push the dirt around. You want to actually remove those dust bunnies.

When you are preparing your AC or heater at those times of the year they are needed, you will want to replace the filters. These are inexpensive and can eliminate a great deal of the dust that plagues your home and electronics.

Overall the key to keeping your electronics dust free is to keep the dust from accumulating around the electronics. The electronics will grab that dust more, if it is around to do so.

You can keep the tools on hand to also eliminate dust on a regular basis. This should be completed on a weekly or twice a week basis. Also, you can put the electronics that will fit inside of cupboards, desks etc. This will help.


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