Peoria, AZ, How to Clean your Baseboards, House Cleaning Services

Cleaning baseboard or floor molding is a challenging task for many. But with adequate knowledge and willingness to do the task, your house will definitely look better with debris-free base.

These are the simple tips in cleaning base molding or base board:

  • Clean the entire floor using a broom and a dust pan so as to remove dust particles.
  • Sweep the baseboard using a broom or a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum primarily aids in removing dust.
  • If the floor molding does not have stain, you can simply wipe it off using a soft cloth and water. Gently scrub the entire baseboard starting from one side to the other. Remember not to wet the cloth too much as the water may spill into the floorings. Start the gentle scrubbing from one side going to the other side of the baseboard.
  • Get a small container for the cleaning solution. Fill the container with water halfway and vinegar. You can also use hot water mixed with white vinegar.
  • Use a soft cotton cloth and gently scrub the baseboard. You can also utilize a thick sponge. Sponge mop is also acceptable but it is best to use a soft cotton cloth so that you can totally reach the corners of the baseboard with your bare hands. Just dip the soft cotton cloth into the solution (water and vinegar) and continue the scrubbing motion until stain and dirt is completely removed.
  • Allow the baseboard to air dry. The smell of the vinegar is not that strong and it will just fade away few hours later so don’t worry about it. You can also open your windows to easily remove vinegar smell.
  • If the stain is still present, you can repaint it using oil based paint. Avoid using flat paint as it can easily accumulate dust and dirt onto the baseboard.

Baseboard cleaning can be done once or twice a month. For easier cleaning, immediately wipe fresh stain using a soft cotton cloth. You can easily get rid of the dirt if you clean it right away rather than ignoring the stain and allowing it to penetrate even more. Avoid using strong chemicals as it can discolor your baseboard.