Peoria, AZ House Watch Services, and Why You Need One

Absentee Homeowner Services in Peoria, AZ

If you own a home, you know it will be uninhabited when you vacation—usually a long weekend or two-week holiday. You might employ a house-sitter or ask neighbors to watch out for you.

If you own a second house, it may sit vacant for months, and you can only use your home during the summer, holidays, and family vacations.

Unfortunately, shutting the door and depending on a busy neighbor to be your house sitter isn’t enough. You could find damage from storms, fire, theft, or more damaging to your home.

There are safeguards you may take before leaving your home vacant, and hiring Mari’s Home Watch Services in Peoria is among the best solutions.


Storm Damage Protection From Mari’s Home Watch Protection

Storms and hurricanes cause damage with heavy rain and gusts. It may be rare to face these in some areas, yet the unexpected can leave you in need of repair, and home watch services can help coordinate such efforts while you are away.

Strong winds can damage tree branches, or you could have a flood from outside or your appliances.

Mari’s house watch services can identify potential dangers and protect your home from storm damage.

We secure outdoor furniture so it won’t blow around, check for leaks, and correct tiny flaws, so they don’t become considerable difficulties during a storm.


Home Protection With Mari’s For Electrical Systems and Failed Appliances

Imagine taking a summer vacation. Unbeknownst to you, the air conditioner quits working while you’re away, leaving you with a rancid-smelling, ruined property. It’s common.

Faulty wiring and appliances harm homes routinely. Misuse of extension cords or faulty wiring can cause house fires. Surges can cause appliances to fail, causing basement flooding, home security system failure, and other harm.

A professional house watch service may differentiate between harm to your home and disaster. Mari’s Home Watch Services uses an inspection checklist, and if we find problems, we contact you or get them fixed on your behalf.


Get Help With Absentee Homeowner Services in Peoria, AZ

These are common issues we notice during home watch inspections. Unoccupied homes pose many other concerns. Having a house watch professional can mean spotting a problem early and avoiding harm or leaving your property vulnerable.

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