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Dusting tips for a cleaner home

Here are some dusting tips for a cleaner home. When we think of dust, we usually think of that thin layer of film materials that sit on top of our televisions, or on our blinds. However, when you really know what dust it, you tend to want to get rid of it. It is more than just a layer of film. It is much more than that.

Here is what dust really is. Dust is minute solid particles that are very small. Dust can be made from many things and have many things in with them. Dust comes from skin cells that are dead, pet dander, fuzz from materials, pollen, mold, fungi, dead things, dust mites, etc.

You will find that dust comes about in many different areas. It can be found in bedding, on surfaces, and in the vents you use for heating and cooling. This is why cleaning dust well, in order to have a cleaner home can be somewhat challenging.

Dust if not done well and regularly can end up causing allergy problems, and much more. Therefore knowing how to clean dust is necessary for a clean home.

Here are some tips for cleaning dust for a cleaner home.

Tip #1

First of all, you need to know where to dust. It is a good idea before dusting, to have a good idea of where you want to be working at. The reason for this is that dusting in different areas can need slightly different tools. So knowing where to dust will help you to know what tools you will need.

Tools, you would use for dusting

1. Dust cloth2. Dusting products from local store3. Long reachable device for higher places. This can also be a broom, or stick with cloth on it.4. Small step ladder5. Endust or dusting cleanser6. Vacuum

Tip #3

Clean the air ducts in your home with a clean cloth and some hot soapy water. This is going to be the best place to start. Also, as you are in that area of air ducts, check the filters on your air conditioner or furnace. Dirty filters can cause problems with energy efficiency and dust contribution.

Tip #4

Use a good Hepa-filter vacuum. This will help to make sure more dust is trapped in the filters of the vacuum in stead of on your carpet, or up on your furniture. A good vacuum is necessary overall all for the removal of dust. It is a good idea to use a vacuum that has the extendable attachments so that you can use the vacuum to remove the dust in hard to reach places.

Tip #5

Use terry cloth rags. You will want something that can get ruined and have the cleaners needed put on them. It will also be a cloth that will hold the dust in them till tossing or cleaning. If you use a dust repelling cloth, you could be moving the dust from one place to another. This will not help with the cleaning; just make it harder to get rid of.

Tip #6

If you will be using a duster, look for the real ostrich feather duster. Many of the synthetic feather dusters end up simply moving the dust. Use caution. However, if you use one of the specific dusting tools that are in the cleaning isle. They tend to work very well. The refills can be a little pricy. However, you will end up dusting less.

These are some very important dusting tips for a cleaner home. Now it is up to you, to implement these tips into your cleaning routine.

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