Natural Disinfectant Cleaning Products

Traditional household disinfectant products have come under strict review in the past several years due to consumers seeming to “over-sanitize” their environments. Household disinfectants generally consist of chlorine bleach used for whitening surfaces and fabrics, ammonia for window and glass cleaning, Triclosan and Triclocarban, ammonium quaternary compounds, and Nano-silver used in soaps, cleansers and everyday products to make them anti-bacterial.
Over sanitization using household disinfectants has led some scientists to believe that consumers are creating antibiotic resistant bacteria or “super bugs” that modern medicine just cannot fight. These same scientists are telling consumers that plain soap and water is enough to clean with and that organized household sanitation is not necessary, but that when there is an illness mea sures should be taken to kill all lingering bacteria and viruses. Mothers are particularly prone to over sanitizing their children in an effort to keep them well. Unfortunately, it seems to have the opposite effect.

Household disinfectants are now tending to go “green” in the effort to combat over-sanitation and keep the world safer from bacteria and viruses. The acid in white vinegar kills bacteria and is used for cleaning glass and mirrors. Borax and baking soda are also popular green household disinfectants along with essential oils that have natural anti-bacterial properties. Supporters of the green movement agree that old fashioned remedies for disinfection are much safer, less expensive, and more effective than comman chemical household disinfectants!