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God has had His hand in this business from day one and we are truely blessed.


Mari Williams, owner of Mari's Property Managment and Cleaning Services LLC, was blessed back in 1994 while working at Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale.  Mari was working in the office when she was approached by some absentee homeowners that wanted her to watch their homes while they were away.  This turned out to save them a lot of money and aggrevation due to some major roof leaking and one homeowner with a pipe that burst while they were away.  As more and more homeowners heard of Mari's great services the business grew.  Mari currently manages 65 homes across the valley.

As a young child Mari's family owned a cabin and she remembered when she would arrive she wanted to just go out and play but instead had to assist her mother in cleaning up the cabin due to it sitting for a while.  This process was done again just prior to leaving.  This memory sparked the start-up of the cleaning business as Mari wanted the absentee homeowners to arrive at their vacation home and just be able to "go play" and when they were ready to leave.... just leave.  We provide laundry and linen service so they can just walk out and head home.

As the word got out about her great cleaning services the business again began to grow.  Today Mari is blessed to provide services to over 300 customers across the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

Giving Back

Mari wanted to give back as God has blessed them so much and so she has partnered with Cleaning For a Reason.  Mari provides free house cleaning services for women undergoing cancer treatment.  For more information:




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