Maintain a Clean Kitchen With House Cleaning Pros in Glendale

Sanitizing the kitchen counter regularly is crucial to preventing the spread of illness throughout the house. When putting a cleaner on your kitchen counter, always read the label to learn how to use it.

The experts from Mari’s Professional Home Watch & Cleaning Services in Glendale, AZ, remind homeowners some cleaning chemicals can damage kitchen surfaces.

Because of the wide variety of modern materials, various cleaning methods will have varying effects on diverse surfaces.


House Cleaning Professionals From Glendale, AZ, Sanitize Kitchen Counters

Use a spray bottle to mix equal parts water, white distilled vinegar, and a teaspoon of salt to create a safe, all-purpose cleaning solution for kitchen counters. To dissolve the salt, give the bottle a vigorous shake.

Instead of using vinegar, you can use lemon juice to sanitize your kitchen countertops thoroughly. Glendale, Arizona’s best house cleaning companies, advice using a clean microfiber cloth to spritz the solution onto your kitchen counters liberally.

Mixing baking soda and lemon juice is another alternative for cleaning kitchen counters. Using a microfiber cleaning pad, thoroughly rub it in. Give it about 15 minutes to dry. Mari’s then advise to get a fresh microfiber cloth and rinsing it.


Make Kitchen Counter Cleaning Effective

Combine two teaspoons of white vinegar, two tablespoons of ammonia, and one cup of warm water in a spray bottle for the ideal kitchen counter sanitization.

Shake it up a lot. On the counter in the kitchen, liberally spray it. According to experts at the best residential house cleaning and maid service in Glendale, AZ Mari’s Professional Home Watch & Cleaning Services, wipe or massage it on your counters thoroughly to get a thorough and spotlessly clean kitchen counter.


Sterilizing Granite with House Cleaning Professionals

Granite’s surface can be harmed by strong chemicals, which causes some variation. Most of the time, mild dish soap is all you need to restore granite to new conditions. The sink can be cleaned with two tablespoons of warm water and dishwashing soap. To clean, dampen a microfiber cloth and wring off any extra moisture.

You should use a circular motion to clean your granite counter. The experts at Mari’s Professional Home Watch & Cleaning Services in Glendale, Arizona, advise you to do it that way for the most outstanding results while cleaning granite in your home.

Use 91% alcohol and water to clean your granite counter. This is the best possible middle ground. To clean off your stone counter, use a fresh microfiber towel.

Just allow it to do its thing for five minutes. Any potential bacteria will be efficiently eliminated if your counter is made of stone. After that, use a fresh microfiber cloth to rinse the area with water. If your surface is made of granite stone, repeat this procedure every few days, or perhaps every day.

Hiring Mari’s house cleaning specialists lowers your risk of making cleaning mistakes and leaving messes all over your kitchen.


Where To Find Experts For Cleaning Homes and Kitchens in Glendale, AZ

Rather than struggle yourself, it is better to get professional help, especially when sterilizing and disinfecting kitchens.

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