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How to clean window screens in Scottsdale, AZ

Window screens are an important part of your window, they allow you to let in light and air without the nuisance of objects, bugs, etc. getting in. However, window screens become a nuisance themselves when they get dirty, they block light, and they will make your windows look dirty, even if they are sparkling clean. So, how do you clean window screen so you can enjoy their benefits and not worry about their drawbacks? Try the following:Every now an then, and between major cleanings you will want to keep your screens as clean as possible by wiping them down with a soft brush, then use your vacuum to whisk away lose dirt and dust. This is much like picking up a room each day, or a bathroom in between the deep cleans and scrubs. While it is important it does not mean your screens are clean.


If you take your window screens down during the winter, that is the perfect time to clean them, as they are already removed. However, if you don't take them down during the winter, or in other words if you leave them up year round, pick a time each year to remove them for a deeper clean.When you take the screens down, be sure to keep a hold of any hardware. Put the hardware in a plastic bag with a label so you know what it goes to when you are ready to put the screens back up. You will want to label which side of the window screen it goes on, and all the details you need. Why? Because even if you think you will remember it all, you might not, and this is supposed to be fast and easy, not frustrating because you can't figure out how the hardware is supposed to go back on.It is best to deep clean your window screens outdoors, as it is a messy project. Your next best option is a laundry room or basement with a drain on the floor. If all else fails you can clean them in your tub or shower, but that means you have to clean that afterwards as well.Now, to clean, you will want to lean your screens up against something, or lay them flat on the ground, then using a mild detergent, and scrub brush you will want to scrub them. Go over every bit of screen. You will want to wash the mesh as well as the frame, just be careful not to rip or tear it in the process. Once you have used a soap mixture you will want to rinse the frame clean. This is best done with a garden hose. The last step to a nice clean window screen is letting it air dry. Use the sun, and hopefully a little breeze and let your screens dry completely before you replace them in the windows.If you make it a priority to clean your window screens once each year, they will look better, last longer, and you will have brighter, cleaner, more beautiful windows to enjoy. So, take some time each year when you do your spring cleaning, and make sure your window screens are on the list of items to clean. Hose them off, scrub, scrub, scrub, and let dry. Then maybe once a month spend a few minutes with a soft brush and the vacuum attachments cleaning off built up dirt and grime so that you can enjoy cleaner, healthier, and happier windows.

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