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Get rid of mosquitoes in Phoenix, AZ

Mosquito bugs can present a health risk, and many of us want to keep mosquitoes away from our backyards. There are effective ways that you can use for backyard mosquito control. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant or slow moving water, so it is essential to reduce standing water if you want to get rid of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes roost in shades, so landscaping is another essential part to getting rid of mosquitoes. You want to keep grass short and shrubs and trees well trimmed, by doing this you limit the areas where mosquitoes can roost. Mosquitoes can also breed in ornamental bonds or in sewer drains. Bti products can be used on water that can be drained. Usually Bti products are not harmful to humans or pets, but you still want to read the products specifications carefully. Also well placed fans can help you to get rid of mosquitoes. As mosquitoes need calm conditions for feeding, a regular fan can keep mosquitoes away from your terrace or porch. There are several commercial products that other people are praising – and some people might actually found them useful. But at the end of the day, it is these simple tips that will keep mosquitoes away from your backyard. 




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