Maid Services Phoenix, AZ - Seven suggestions for floor cleaning

Nowadays, surface floors has become increasingly popular in replacing carpet to remove challenging dirt and grime and spills as well as water retention. Wood, tile, linoleum and laminated flooring are also easy to clean and maintain... until soils build up. The job is done much more quickly when you retain the services of a qualified cleaner. However, there’s a way to use the same tools, processes and secret tips as the experts.

For successful floor cleaning, you could consider the following 7 simple steps to maintaining the cleanliness of your flooring like an expert:


1.Select the right tools. You will need a broom with tapered bristles and wide coverage, machine washable floor mops and terry fabric towels or any absorbent and machine washable towel.


2. Use ergonomics. Sweeping, cleaning and drying your flooring can cause serious muscle aches and pains. Use tools with handles of appropriate lengths (or adjustable handles) matching your height. Don't bend your back again - only bend your knees and extend your arms. If you want to get lower, kneel on a mat. You need to consider this for your comfort at work.


3. Start sweeping or vacuuming. This step is straightforward. Vacuuming, sweeping or dusting your floor before mopping will reduce existing dust, dirt and hair as well as to help keep the mop water clear.


4. Mop with a multi-purpose cleaner. A multi-purpose cleaner will not only remove dirt and grime build up; it is going to clean your flooring eliminating germs and pollens. You may be cleaning linoleum, laminated, hardwood or tile floors you can clean and deodorize without damage simply by using a multi-purpose and multi-surface cleaner and disinfectant.


• Dilute ¼ cup of cleaner to a 1 / 2 gallon of water and mop

• Refill your pail with water that is clean and your cleaning solution when the mop water gets filthy

• Keep a rag beneath your mop container to prevent scratches or discoloration


5. Remove scuffs and shoe marks. Remember to use a white, no scratch, soft wire mesh pad with your multi-purpose cleaner. Lightly rub the spot until it is removed.

6. Dry your floors. Experts dry freshly mopped floors with super-absorbent towels to remove left over dirt and particles and prevent hard water spots. It also help you from accidentally bringing in new dirt that can build grime and stay there until your next clean up day.

7. Add some shine. Prolong use of industrial floor shining products that contain wax will cause residue build up and can surely trap dirt. To make your floor have a sparkle look in a natural way, we suggest a mixture which you can apply directly to your floors. Use a spray bottle and clean with a dry mop or towel:

• 1 cup of water

• 1 cup of vinegar

• 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil

You are now finished. Bear in mind to wash the tools you used so you can utilize it again next time. If you like the steps but hate the hassles, and intend to go beyond simple sweeping and mopping, consider hiring a real professional janitorial / maid service. Mari's Cleaning Services & Home Watch, LLC, Youngtown, AZ, Arizona is a trusted and trained cleaning professional in Youngtown, AZ, Arizona. Contact them now and experience a real clean home. Services include all types of cleaning and we also customize our services for our customer’s satisfaction!