How often should you clean your home in Goodyear, Arizona

How Often Should You Have Your Home Cleaned

One of the questions often asked by home owners hiring a cleaning company for the first time is just that, “How often should I have you guys come?” From a service owner, the answer would be “everyday,” but all kidding aside, this can be a seemingly complicated decision. However, there is some advice which just might help.

Start with how often you clean your own home. Not  just a quick tidy up when friends or family are on the way over;  a real cleaning. The times you pull out the vacuum, roll up your sleeves, clean the bathrooms, and polish the furniture. The most important aspect of this part is to not try to fit into someone else’s mold. What is YOUR frequency?

Then, take a look at what all other family members do to either contribute to the over all cleanliness of the house; do they pitch in, or the contrary, do they add to the “mess”? You will need to look at all that can be done in-between cleaning visits realistically. Are the members of the household equally contributing to maintaining the space, or is the burden not evenly distributed? Perhaps the reason for bringing in outside professional help is to “balance out” the situation. Although cleaning services are not always recognized for this particular quality, it is fair to say the services provided have saved many marriages and contributed to happier homes!

You will also have to consider budget; maybe a weekly cleaning would be ideal, but you have to stay within a certain dollar amount. On average, a cleaning visit will typically cost around $85- $165 (this varies by geography and also size of the property to be cleaned). Most services will vary in price according to frequency and services wanted. Also, keep in mind that a bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning will usually cost more each visit than a weekly cleaning due to cleaning rotations and attention to detail. Pricing will also be determined by the level of service you want. Be sure to communicate clearly what your expectations are as well as what all the cleaning service you are interviewing provides.

Most professional cleaning services will provide regular service based on just about any schedule, including weekly, bi-weekly, every four weeks (monthly), and sometimes every three or six weeks. The most common cleaning schedule is service every two weeks (bi-weekly). If you spend “real” time cleaning your home every week or more than once a week, then a weekly schedule may be the best option for you and your home.

A good place to start with as great a length of time between cleanings as you can go; a cleaning every four weeks might accommodate budget and take care of your cleaning needs. If you find yourself grimacing, looking at the calendar, and counting down the days before the cleaning crew comes again, then you might want to talk with your service and increase the frequency of visits.

A good service should be able to easily walk you through the process, asking the right questions to get you set up with the best possible schedule to fit your needs.


by:  VerifiedHomeCleaningPro