How do you know who is the best residential cleaner in Peoria


When opening up your house to a cleaning service you haven’t surfaced before, why not use the absolute best cleaners in the greater Peoria municipality. Mari’s Cleaning Services is the unsurpassed best cleaner, housekeepers, and maid server We do it all and do it to our best effort every time.  We come so very highly endorsed with nearly 6000 houses, condo’s cleaned to date. In fact, we have clients that are still with us since the day we opened 18 years ago.

We have eighteen years of experience cleaning homes in the Peoria and Tucson areas. As you well know most companies don’t last a year. After 5 years, only 20% will still be around. We continue to grow our business even after nearly 20 years. We have just passed the 5600 client house barrier and look forward to when we say 20.000 happy customers have experienced Mari’s Cleaning Services.

We can tackle that first time deep cleaning need; we can accommodate snow birds; we can come daily, weekly or even bi-weekly. We use the best cleaning solutions and they are all natural so they are safe for you, your family, friends and pets.

We whole heartedly get behind our services. Maybe that is why we continue to grow after 18 years seeing many other cleaning companies come and go. It’s hard to compete with the best. We offer 100% guarantee. If you aren’t completely confident with our original labors we will return and re-clean in the next 24 hours. It you are still not satisfies we will refund your money.

Give Mari a call at 623-266-9051 and schedule via our website at

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