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House Sitters

Have you ever considered the crucial steps for preparing your home for house sitters in Peoria, AZ? Setting clear guidelines and ensuring your place is clean and organized are key. But what about the little things that can make a big difference for you and your house sitters?

Keep reading to find helpful tips to make your home welcoming for temporary caretakers.

When getting your home ready for house sitters, ensuring everything is in order is essential. Make a list of tasks for them to follow, like watering plants or feeding pets. Keep your home clean and tidy so they can feel comfortable during their stay.

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Essential Preparations for House Sitters

When prepping for house sitters in Peoria, AZ, give them detailed instructions on pet care routines, feeding schedules, and any specific medical needs.

Create a house manual with emergency contacts, alarm codes, and house rules.

Stock up on pet food and cleaning products to make the sitter's stay easier.

Clear away clutter to make the house comfortable for the sitter.

Talk openly about any special instructions or concerns you have.


Cleaning and Organizing Tips

Ensure your housesitter in Peoria, AZ, feels at home and cleans and organizes your house well. Tidy up all rooms, like bathrooms, bedrooms, and common areas.

Give clear instructions for caring for pets, following house rules, and reaching out in emergencies. Stock up on food, water, and supplies for your pets and home maintenance.

Ensure your house sitter can easily find keys, security codes, and access details. By preparing your home thoughtfully, you help your house sitter settle in smoothly and have a great stay while they look after your home and pets.


Setting Clear Guidelines

To ensure your house sitter from Mari's Professional Home Watch & Cleaning Services in Peoria, AZ knows precisely what to do, give them clear instructions. Tell them when to feed your pets, how much exercise they need, and if they need any medicine. Share emergency contacts in case something goes wrong.

Explain how to use the alarm system and where to find the keys. Point out which rooms are off-limits or need extra care. And don't forget to ask them to keep you updated. Setting these rules makes it easier for your house sitter to take care of your home and pets the way you want.


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As you prepare your home for house sitters in Peoria, AZ, consider it a cozy retreat adequately taken care of. Follow these key steps, tidy-up tips, and clear instructions to ensure you and your house sitters have a smooth and pleasant experience.

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