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Keeping the corners of your house clean in Scottsdale, AZ

Whether you like cleaning or not you have to do it. Everyone in the world has to do some sort of cleaning, from the lowliest to the most distinguished, it is simply a part of life to have to clean up after yourself. For the majority of us who do not have servants-and that would be the majority of us-we need to learn how to clean our homes. Our houses are more than just buildings where we live. They are the places where we have our children and share wonderful experiences. They are homes, which means allot in today's world. So cleaning these castles is of great importance. It sends a message to all who enter your home that you care about your life and about your environment. It tells your children that you care about them and that home is a clean and warm place-a place of safety. If you are like me, however, it is difficult to get used to cleaning all of a house. And there are always those spots that you can never seem to get clean. These places could be under a couch, under a fridge, or perhaps a stove. Cleaning under or behind just about anything can be difficult. And if you don't clean behind these things then you quickly find your home becoming dirty in other ways. So how do you clean the difficult corners of the home? Here are some tips that should help you kee these difficult spots clean.

  1. Keep areas around them clean. For example, if you have a stove in a kitchen keep the kitchen floor clean. If you spill lots of things or you never sweep the floor except for once a month you will find that areas under the stove, the refrigerator or any other appliance will become especially dirty. This won't keep these areas perfectly clean but it will cut back on the total amount of dirt found in such corners.
  2. If you can't move the appliance regularly in order to clean underneath or behind it you will need to find some method for reaching under the appliance to clean. If a broom won't reach, and few of them will, then you will need some other method to get underneath those spots. There are a couple of methods that should help you in this situation. For example, you could use a toothbrush to reach underneath a stove or fridge. If the brush is not quite long enough it can be extended with any kind of wooden dowel. You could also fix a piece of sponge to a dowel and clean in this way. One other method involves two people. If it is safe to do so, tip the appliance a little on its side (not so much so that it would fall over. Make sure there are no small children around when you do this. Put a block or similar item under the lifted edge of the appliance so that it does not slip and fall on your hands. With your friend holding the appliance in place and with the stove or fridge blocked you can reach under with a sponge. You will want to turn off the electricity to the appliance while doing all of this. Reach under with a sponge and clean out the area in question.

By following these couple of tips you can basically keep the difficult spots perfectly clean most of the time. Don't give up on the hard spots-keep them clean and you will have the satisfaction of owning a very clean home.

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