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If your pet in Scottsdale, AZ is dealing with Allergens please read....

Sensitivity to pet dander is one of the most common allergies around. Even when no one in the house suffers from allergies, reducing pet allergens through careful housecleaning can ward off future problems.

A fact of life for cats and dogs, dander is simply tiny flakes of skin that are normally shed every day. Easily airborne, dander flies around the house until it settles—on carpets, furniture, bedding, etc. Inhaling dander can irritate nasal passages, incite sneezing, produce runny eyes and cause other allergic reactions.

Pet allergens are even present in urine. When hamster or cat urine dries, allergens can become airborne and thus inhaled. Kicking up a swirl of dust whenever you change the kitty litter or clean a hamster cage can cause allergens to spread.

Pet saliva also contains allergens; when pets lick themselves, saliva gets deposited and spreads germs wherever they lounge.

To remain a free-breathing and healthy pet owner, follow these tips:

Stake out your territory. Create a “sneeze-free" zone and strictly prohibit the pet’s access. In particular, make the bedroom off-limits for pets and keep the door closed so allergens can’t waft in.

Wash them down. Grooming and bathing your pets helps reduce allergens from spreading. At the very least, brush your pet daily (outside) and bathe regularly, rinsing thoroughly (a task to be done only by those with no allergies). Also helpful are certain pet wipes or anti-allergic liquids made to remove dander from a pet’s skin and fur.

Just say no. Don’t let pets jump on kitchen counters. If they do, clean immediately with Antibacterial fantastik® All Purpose Cleaner Heavy Duty. And don’t let pets drink out of the toilet.

Separate the toys. Keep children’s toys and stuffed animals out of the reach of pets to avoid spreading dander and germs.

Dander patrol. Dust-bust dander frequently with Pledge® Multi Surface Duster.

Go for a test drive. Before obtaining a pet, spend time with other people’s pets to see if you are the pet’s access. In particular, make 


In addition, keeping your home cleaned on a regular basis by a professional will help greatly.  At Mari's Cleaning Services we will help rid your home of pet hair and dirt.


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