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House Cleaning in Scottsdale, AZ

By Cathe

Vintage nail boxes, tool trugs, and wooden caddies, totes and carriers are just a few of the many names used to describe my favorite organizational carriers that I’ve been collecting for years. Due to their weight, they may not be the most practical of carriers, but as organization décor, they are definitely the most charming.

I find these trugs at flea markets and garage sales and occasionally on Ebay and Etsy. Most trugs come compartmentalized with sections that are so great for organizing smaller items. All of mine are handcrafted – some possibly by a student in a woodshop class and a few others likely by a handyman using an old soda crate and scrap wood. I use many in my craft studio and around the house. If the compartments are too shallow or there are no compartments, jars, glasses and cups work well to keep pens and other items upright. 

I use one to house all my vintage leather dyes and another holds vintage paint-by-number paintings.In my craft studio I keep one on my desk with rulers, pens and scissors. Trugs can be painted and embellished in so many ways. I like decorating them with vintage water-slide decals and cigar labels. 

Cleaned up well, vintage tool trugs are ideal for organizing:•    Craft supplies•    Fruits and Vegetables•    Garden Tools•    Gift wrap ribbons, bows, tape and tags•    Hardware•    Kitchen utensils•    Office supplies•    Party utensils•    Potted plants•    Sewing notions•    Stationery•    Toiletries•    Yarn and needles

Do you have any old trugs? What would you organize?


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