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Cleaning underneath your kitchen sink in Scottsdale, AZ 85258

No matter how organized or cluttered your house is, cleaning out underneath your kitchen sink can be the biggest challenge that you face. With how cluttered the space underneath your kitchen sink can become many people choose to ignore the space underneath the kitchen sink all year. When it comes time for spring-cleaning most people will tackle the mess that has taken over the cupboard space beneath the kitchen sink, but it can take those hours to fix. If you follow some simple tips, you can easily organize the space under your kitchen sink. Once you have it organized, it will be even easier to keep clean throughout the year.


Here are some tips that you should follow to clean out the cupboard underneath your kitchen sink.

Tip one:Go through everything underneath the kitchen sink and throw out all of the old products. You will want to get rid of all stained, encrusted, and half-empty bottles of cleaning products. The reason for that is if you haven't used all of the cleaning products by now, you probably won't ever finish using them. Not to mention that if you have cleaning chemicals stored underneath the kitchen sink they have probably lost some of their potency by now. The older the chemicals are the smaller the chance that they will work because they have lost their potency.

Tip two:Once you have gotten rid of all the old stuff that you never use you will want to pare down the remaining stuff. You can actually clean your entire kitchen with just six cleaning products. Of all of the items that you have left you will want to only keep the six cleaning products that you will need and throw out everything else. Here are the six products that you will need to keep your kitchen clean:

  • Liquid dishwashing detergent - this can work when cleaning a variety of surfaces because it is gentle enough not to damage any surface and it is strong enough to get most cleaning jobs done.
  • All-purpose cleaner - this is something that you will need to use when you need some abrasive power. These types of products can be used safely on any surface expect for glass.
  • Glass cleaner - will shine your kitchen faucets and other surfaces
  • Degreasing cleaner - stubborn grease spots that won't go away with dishwashing liquid and hot water
  • Vinegar - This mild acid is effective in many ways. It can be used to get rid of hard water deposits, remove films on coffee pots, unclog slow drains, and much more.
  • Oven cleaner or ammonia - using a cup of ammonia in an unheated oven overnight will help to loosen carbon from the oven walls to make cleaning easier.
  • Tools - you will need a bucket, soft cloths, rubber gloves, and a scraping tool for tough stains


Tip three:Place your cleaning chemicals together. If you have limited space, you can place chemicals that you only use on occasion in another spot, but try keeping them all together for ease of access. If you have kids in the house, you will want to place any strong chemicals up high where they cannot be reached by children.

Tip four:Before you begin putting the products back under the kitchen sink, you are going to want to scrub the area with soap and water. Once it has dried place a liner down to help protect the surface. For example, use a piece of vinyl flooring that is cut to fit underneath your sink. Using a surface like this will allow you to easily remove the liner to wipe it down as it is needed. You can also buy turntables or containers to help organize the space underneath your kitchen sink.


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