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Tips for cleaning dust off of dashboards in Phoenix, AZ

Ten tips for cleaning dust off of dashboards. Cleaning the dashboard in your car is relatively easy. However if the wrong chemicals are used on the dashboard, you will find that over time the dashboard will crack.

No matter if you have leather dashboards or vinyl dashboards, there are good ways to care for the dashboard, and not so good ways.

Tip #1

Avoid using the cleaners that have silicone in them. This can cause for the dashboard to be overly shinny. This can be a bit of a pain when the sun glare hits the dashboard.

It is better to use a damp cloth to wipe of any extra dirt. Then use a good cleaner that is made for dashboards to clean and shine the dashboard. This usually will also help preserve the condition of the dashboard.

Tip #2

Use a product like the Armor All car cleaning foam. This will be easier to spray to a direct area, without having a harsh direct spray. You can find this cleaning in your local store or car part store. The use of this can be for many places in your car, however it is especially beneficial for the dashboard.

You can simply spray this Armor All cleaner all over the dashboard. This will get into the cracks, but that is what you want.

Now you will want to let that cleaner sit of the dashboard for a few minutes. This way it has a chance to do some deep cleaning.

Tip #3

Use a clean blue shop cloth for the cleaning. The reason is that these clothes are very soft, do not leave lint, and are easy to tuck into the tight corners.

Tip #4

For the tight areas, that have dust in them, you will want to use a toothbrush. This should be in the areas that the cloth cannot simply wipe into. The toothbrush should be a little damp, but not wet.

Tip #5

Use the cloth to wipe of the remaining cleaner. This will appear a little shiny, but not like the other silicone-based cleaners. Take the time to make sure you get into all the little crevices

Tip #6

Do not use damp watery cloths, or sprays on the dashboard, because it can lead to cracks.

Tip #7

By using these simple steps you can get your car as clean as a detailer would. Simply remember that detailing a car, means that you will need to go over every area, with either the cloth or the toothbrush to get the best results.

Tip #8

If possible keep the ammonia or alcohol based cleaners off of your dashboard. This sometimes can happen when you are trying to clean the front windshield, or other areas that are plastic or glass. The reason is that the vinyl or leather will not react well with the cleaners that are harsher.

Tip #9

Try to keep drinks and other sticky items from being dripped down into the vents, cracks and areas that are harder to clean. This will help for future cleaning issues. Also, the leaks can go through and affect the electrical parts of the dashboard and its functions.

Tip #10

Every once in awhile, take the time to do a thorough cleaning. However, for the most part, you can do a quick wipe down with a cleaner like the Armor All dashboard cleaner. Just to keep the dashboard in a relatively good condition. This should be about once per week so that the material does not dry out.

These are ten great tips for cleaning and caring for your dashboard. 


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