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Roof Cleaning Tips in Phoenix, AZ 

Roof cleaning tips are for certain times of the seasons. Roof cleaning trucks are seen zipping around the neighborhoods with their ladders hung on the side of the trucks ready to get the job done.

Roof cleaning usually is done in the spring or early summer after the winter snow has melted and all the leaves which fell in the fall season had no way of escaping the packed snow.

At this time of the year the weather is much more agreeable as the sun is shining bright and the threat of snow has left till the following winter.

Here are some roof cleaning tips to help you get the job done...

If the roof shingles are in good shape, power washing also could be very effective when cleaning the roof.

Since there is already a person up on the roof, it is also a good time for shingles to be checked for damage from the winter months. If there are any bent or damaged roofing, before power washing would be the time to change them.


Roof cleaning includes looking for clogged gutters which need to be cleaned out. As the rain and snow drains into these gutters, a back up from leaves could cause big problems for the home internally.

If the roof is not cleaned from season to season, the leaves become stuck in the gutter or down the leaders and a back up could start. Then in the middle of winter, when it is hard to clean the roof because of the cold, ice, and frost sitting on the roof or just the heavy rains, the house could start to have leaks inside.

By having the roof cleaned yearly you can eliminate any future problems of water damage inside the home.


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