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How to wax your car 

Car waxing is a important part on car maintenance. Car waxing can prevent rusting and car waxing also protects the painting of your car, from factors that have a damaging affect on car paint. It is recommended that you wax your car at least twice a year, before summer and before winter. Before waxing your car, you should always read the instructions. So check if the label of the car wax product includes something that should be taken into account. Car waxing tips Always wash your car well before waxing. Don´t use wax when your car is still wet, dry your car completely using a soft cotton cloth. When your car is dry you can start waxing. Best place for car waxing is indoor garage. If you wax your car outside, park your car under shade while waxing. While waxing avoid touching surfaces like windows, door rims and rubber trims. Car wax can be difficult to remove from these surfaces. You can also save some money by washing and waxing your car yourself. Waxing a car is so easy that every car owner can do it. 


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