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How to self clean upholstery in Phoenix, AZ

Cleaning upholstery, Do it yourself. It is easy all you need to do is follow these instructions.

Areas of concern when you are self-cleaning upholstery:


Before you put an amount of water on the stain you should, presoak your stains with a mild fabric cleanser, and let it sit about fifteen minutes. Then when it has sat for at least fifteen minutes apply warm water by using a wet washcloth. Then slowly rub the stain in little circles to remove.


When you extract the water from the furniture you will want to make sure that you extract as much as you can, You might have to go over the furniture a few times to make sure.


Also avoid getting any metal on the chair, pillowcases, and furniture, etc wet. This will cause the metal to rust.


You will need to consider what your furniture is made of, if you have any concerns check for the recommendations before adding anything to the fabric. There is a lot of different fabrics so take caution.


Avoid using any vinegar or acids on the furniture; also try to use any product you aren't sure of on a invisible part of the furniture first.

Synthetic fibers:

Polyester fibers are very easy to clean with out ruining the color or the fabric. How ever if your furniture contains cottons that are more than fifty percent cotton or if the fabric is maybe from something named Haitian cotton. Than you will probably want to get then professionally cleaned. This is because if you don't know what you are doing, then you will most likely ruin your furniture forever. This is because this fabric needs special chemicals.

Gold mine:

This can be found at Wal-Mart this is so post to be some tough stuff. It is said to be better than professionals that amazing. The cay it works is you spay it on stain it to set in and wash it off with w warm washcloth


This stuff really works. For about the cost of five dollars you can have the greatest, newest looking, couch in minutes. This stuff can be found at any cleaning supplies store. Just look for upholstery cleanser made by Dryel.

Spray upholstery cleaner:

The spray upholstery cleaner has worked on stains, cat and dog order. Also on deep stuck on stains. If you use the spray you will need to remember that you shouldn't use too much because you can ruin the furniture.

Baby wipes:

Here is another suggestion. Would you be amazed what baby wipes can do. Although the wipes have little water they are proven to have worked on stains. The only thing you will need to be careful of is if the fabric is not able to get wet or if it needs to be washed professionally because of the fabric.

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