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House Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, How to Clear a clogged disposal, Maid Services




How to clear a clogged disposal

If your disposal gets clogged one side of your sink becomes useless, your house begins to stink, and you do not get use out of it. So, follow these tips to clear a clogged disposal:

Tip number one: Make sure before attempting to clear a clogged disposal that the power switch is turned to the off position. You would not want to cut off your finger while clearing the disposal. 

Tip number two: After the power switch is turned OFF, you will want to disconnect the power at the main fuse or circuit breaker. This is a precaution. How would you feel if while cleaning out the disposal someone comes in, and meaning to flip on the light, turned the disposal switch instead? Prevent this problem by disconnecting the power. Then, even if the switch gets flipped, you will still have all your fingers.

Tip number three: If you want to clear out the disposal, you need to be able to see what is in it and clogging it, so remove the stopper or the splashguard. You will be able to see into it much more easily.

Tip number four: You will want to use a flashlight to increase your ability to see. Then, check the interior of the hopper for objects that will not grind properly, such as glass, metal, shells, bones, plastic, or aluminum. If you see anything, you will want to use long handled tongs to remove any such objects.

Tip number five: Umm, this one goes with the above, but it is highly important that you NEVER EVER stick your hand in the disposal, even if you have taken necessary precautions. Instead, use long handled tongs.

Tip six: After you have used long handled tongs to remove whatever was clogging or obstructing the disposal, you will want to turn the power back on, replace the stopper or splashguard, and reset the button on the disposal unit.

Tip seven: Last but not least, you will want to flush the disposal well with cold water. This will ensure that it is working well, and that there is nothing else down there that needs to be removed.

There are some things you can do to prevent your disposal from ever being clogged in the first place, such as: Avoid putting fibrous foods like corn husks, and artichokes, etc, into the disposal as they cause jamming. If you have vegetable skins or fruit peelings that you want to process through the garbage disposal, make sure that you use a strong force of water with it. As you insert food waste into the disposal, you will want to do it loosely, do not crowd it or jam it into the processor. Your disposal is only for food, so do not try and run paper, plastic, or other things down it, including harsh chemicals. Your disposal should be able to handle grinding small bones and small pits, and believe it or not, it is good for the disposal to do so as this keeps it cleaner, however, you do not ever want to put too large of pits or bones into it. You will want to run the disposal each time you place food in it. If you don't, it will get really stinky.If you want your disposal to be clean and stay clean, you can freshen and deodorize it by grinding citrus peels or vinegar ice cubes in it.

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