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Eight Tips To An Organized Car | Family Economics in Phoenix, AZ

By Trisha

Whether you are taxiing kids around town on a daily basis or about to hit the road for a family road trip, having an organized and kid-equipped car makes the ride go much more smoothly.

1.    Car garbage can: Line a plastic cereal dispenser with a small garbage bag and now you have an instant trash can for your car.

2.    Document file: Use a portable file folder that can fit into your glove compartment to hold:-    Auto insurance cards and information-    Car registration-    Emergency money ($10 - $20), just in case-    Personal contact information-    Emergency contact information-    Pens, stamps, a small pair of scissors and small pad of paper.

3.    “Snack attack” bin: Tired of hearing “I’m hungry” while on the run? Then create a “snack attack” bin for your kids filled with healthy snacks that they can easily access.Click here for complete how-to instructions.

4.    Kid Corral: Toys, hand held games, books, crayons and all the toys that accumulate in between and under the seats in your car need a place to be corralled while on the road. Use an over-the-door shoe bag that you cut to fit and hang on the back of your car seats, allowing your kids to fill the many pockets with their things. Use bins with lids and handles to gather their toys, which are easily removed from the car when not in use or stored under seats.

5.    Kid car kit: Create a kit that you keep in your car for those crazy mornings when everyone is running late. Use a tote bag or bin and fill it with granola or sports bars, dried fruit, trail mix, water bottles, wet wipes, a comb and brush, lunch money, sugar-free gum or disposable tooth brushes and a pen and paper to write school notes. Now you are prepared for those late mornings.

6.    On the fly: Keep items from flying around your car or trunk by using bins or storage containers to hold loose items such as umbrellas, wet wipes, car chargers, groceries, sports equipment etc.

7.    In case of emergency: When organizing your vehicle, don’t forget about the must-have just in-case items: flashlight, first aid kit, ice scrapper, blanket, jumper cables, can of “fix-a flat,” empty plastic grocery bags for soiled or wet items, hand sanitizer, lotion, chap stick and aspirin. Once again, use storage containers to store these items in their appropriate places in your car.

8.    Car rules:-    If you bring it into the car, you take it out of the car.-    If you use items in the car, you return those items to their home.-    No stuffing garbage under or in between seats.-    If you use up an item, let mom know it needs replacing.