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Achieving clean indoor air in Phoenix, AZ

by Charles Schwab


Now included as a Universal Design feature, clean indoor air is the common denominator that connects traditional Universal Design and what is known as "green housing." Green building is also called sustainable building.The original concept of the plans in the "smart home" is the idea of combining Universal Design and environmentally-friendly building features. This addresses the entire home environment and its building systems.

Sustainability basically means building and designing with materials and methods that do not use up natural resources, causing a burden on future generations. The two terms are interconnected but not truly the same.

Universal Design in housing is clearly sustainable as far as the actual space planning goes as it will put less of a burden on family caregivers, and people are able to stay in their homes longer and more independently since the residences are created for general accessibility.

Poor Air at Home

Respiratory disabilities in the U.S. have the highest rate among children under 18 and the fourth highest among adults. Senior citizens and people with physical disabilities may also have weakened immune systems and could be more vulnerable to mold. For this reason moisture and humidity levels must be controlled.

The air quality in our homes can be a cause for concern. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates we are exposed to two to five times more pollution indoors than outdoors. A few of the largest indoor air problems are odors or contaminants; problems with a poorly designed heating, venting and air conditioning system; and people themselves. Since people with physical disabilities may spend 80-90% of their time indoors, air pollutants in sealed environments have significant effects on their health.

What Makes Good Air?

The concept of a tighter building envelope (for energy savings, and in an effort to keep outdoor air contaminants out) can also be at odds with our desire for clean indoor air. It may also keep contaminants in the house, without proper ventilation design.





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