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How to remove bird droppings in Peoria, AZ

Bird droppings may carry viruses and diseases, so you want to remove bird droppings safely. You´ll need rubber gloves, face mask and eye goggles. Just sweeping or vacuuming bird droppings is not recommended. If dropping contains viruses, they may become air-borne through a dry sweeping. Spray the droppings with water, and take your time to make sure that all droppings are wet. By doing this you make sure there is no dry particles that may become air-borne. Use scraper and push the wet droppings to a plastic garbage bag. You might need to spray more water so the bird droppings are always wet. Tie off the trash bag and dispose it. Take it straight into a outside trashcan, and do not bring it into your house. Removing bird droppings from car First step is to spray the entire car with water. Water alone wont necessarily remove droppings, but it will soften them. By doing this, you don´t need to use that much cleaning fluid. Then it is time to mix a cleaning fluid according to package directions. After that apply cleaning fluid to a rag or a soft cloth (don´t apply the cleaning fluid directly to you car). You might need to add some cleaning fluid over the bird droppings and allow to sit for a couple of minutes, before washing it away. 


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