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Bed pillows should be reassessed yearly for their worthiness to remain on your bed. If you decide that your foam pillow still has more life in it during its annual inspection, it should be cleaned for the following year. This article explains the cleaning method.


  1. Do this on a warm day, first thing in the morning. You are relying on the warm air to dry your pillow by evening.

  2. Remove all covers from the pillow. Inspect its condition. If it appears ready for another year's use, then prepare it for cleaning.

  3. Fill a bath tub or other container large enough to fit the pillow with warm, soapy water. Use a gentle soap that is suitable for hand-washing.
  4. Sponge clean the pillow. You can gently push it but do not knead or wring.
  5. Rinse thoroughly.
  6. Remove the excess water. Do not wring the pillow. Instead, use a bath sheet to wrap around the pillow and soak up as much excess water as possible. It is best if you do this in the bath or container (drained of water). Once the water has been absorbed as much as possible, remove the pillow to a drying space.
  7. Dry. Lay the pillow over a sweater drying device or over a chair back. Keep out of direct sunlight and let the warm air dry it.
  8. Pat back into shape gently once dried. Restore pillow cover, pillow case and return to the bed.


  • Do not dry in a dryer.
  • Do not dry in front of direct heat, such as a radiator or opening

 Things You'll Need

  • Large washing container or bath
  • Gentle washing soap (suitable for hand-washing)
  • Pillow(s)
  • Large towel, bath sheet (you might need two)
  • Sweater drying device or similar

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