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How to rid your home of pet hair in Mesa, AZ

If you have pets you most likely have pet hair of some sort in your home. Whether you have a lot of pet hair or just some depends on the type of pet you have and the length of their fur. Some pets shed more then others but no matter what you want to rid your home of pet hair.

Not only can you get pet hair on your couch and other furniture you can also get pet hair on your carpets and stuck all over your clothes.  So much pet hair can start to be a problem when trying to keep your home and clothes clean. Too much pet hair can also keep dust mites in the home and aggravate allergies. You just need to find ways to help control all the pet hair that seems to multiply at a disarming rate in your home.

To help control some of the pet hair you can invest in an adhesive roller.  Any home with pets should have at least one or more of these sticky lint brushes to help control the pet hair. The adhesive sheets on the rollers easily pick up hair from upholstery, drapery and clothing. These adhesive rollers are easy to handle because they roll and are so much easier to use then the old masking tape trick. From miniature to jumbo, there's a roller for every purpose; keep one in your purse, in the laundry room, in the car, even by the front door to catch any remaining hairs before heading out.

If you do not want an adhesive roller or it just doesn't work the way you want it to then you can try a sweeper with disposable cloths. Use this in the same way you would a regular broom on your hardwood or tiled floors. It should pick up any loose pet hairs and dust bunnies better then the regular broom and dustpan. The quilted disposable cloths grab on to the pet hair without stirring up any  dust. This makes the clothes great for wiping off tabletops or other pet hair surfaces also. This is such an easy way to tackle pet hair that you can do it a few times a week. 

Another alternative for ridding your home of pet hair would include using a specialty laundry detergent. You can wash your pets favourite linens or beds all you want but it will still come out with some pet hair stuck to it. The easies way to solve this is to change your laundry detergent that you use. Try to find a detergent that is specially formulated to remove animal hair. Use this laundry detergent to wash the pet beds and other linens. You can also use the laundry detergent to wash your own blankets or clothes that seem to be a magnet for pet hair.

Not enough can be said about vacuuming. For your carpets and upholstery vacuuming can get rid of a lot of your pet hair. Look for a vacuum that has a heavy-duty suction and even a brush roll for the most stubborn of pet hair. Vacuum at the edges of your rooms where the floors and walls meet, a great pet hair collector. Don't forget the stairs if you have any.

Static spray can be a very good friend in the crusade to get rid of your pet hair. Before you vacuum anything you can spray carpets and upholstery with a static free spray. This breaks the static charge that keeps the pet hair clinging to your fabrics. Once the static charge is broken it becomes easier for the vacuum to clean up all those pesky pet hairs.

Rubber gloves can also aid you in your fight against pet hair. Use a pair of dish washing gloves and wipe your palm across  each surface that has pet hair on it. The hair will ball up making it easier for you to pick it off the surfaces.Lastly you can try a rubber bristle brush. This brush is great for pet hair that is short and wiry. The rubber bristle brush generates static and draws the unwanted pet hair to the brush. You can even use the brush on clothing. To rid your home of pet hair you can try one of these methods are a mixture of the methods. No matter what you will be on the road to a pet hair free home.

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