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How to Clean Barbecue Cleaning Tools



Things You'll Need




    Baking soda


    Sink or plastic container

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      Buy an all-purpose, biodegradable, non-toxic degreaser such as FULSOL. Fuller Brushes sells FULSOL online in gallon and quart sizes. Be sure the degreaser is not harmful to your specific barbecueimagecleaning tools. Baking soda provides another more economical degreaser option.

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      Add the degreaser to warm water according to the label instructions. If using baking soda, add 4 tsp. of baking soda for every cup of warm water to a sink or plastic container.

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      Sprinkle the cleaning tools with baking soda loosening the grease before submerging the tools into the degreaser solution. Completely rinse the baking soda away with hot waterimage.

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      Soak barbecue cleaning utensils in the cleaning water for about five minutes. Rinse the cleaning toolsimage and further wash utensils with soapy water. Use liquid dish soap engineered to cut grease.

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      Wash wooden handled barbecue tools by hand and allow to air dry completely before putting into storage. Cleanse stainless steel and other rustproof cleaning tools in a dishwasher as a final step.




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