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At Mari's Cleaning Services we provide you with a great shiney kitchen and here are some tips to do in between cleanings: Kitchen Cleaning Schedule in Avondale, AZ provided by the makers of Pledge

Tackle your kitchen chores by daily "Must Dos," weekly "Should" and monthly "Oughts." Want to get out of the kitchen even faster? Check out our favorite time savers.

Keeping your kitchen clean can seem like a full-time job—unless you’ve got your priorities in order. We’ve broken down your chores into quick things to do each day, once a week, and monthly. A little effort each day will keep any one task from becoming too overwhelming.

Daily MUST-Dos

Wipe down counters. To prevent food contamination as well as bug infestations, make clean counters your top priority! Get into the habit of cleaning kitchen surfaces right after you use them.

Keep clean as you cook. Before you start cooking, fill your sink with hot soapy water. As pots, pans and utensils get dirty, just slide them into the sink to soak. Give them a good scrub, rinse and dry while your food cooks. You’ll have less to clean up after the meal and more time to spend with your family.

Inspect fridge. Take an inventory of your fridge contents and throw out any food that is spoiled or past its “use by” date. (Condiments, too.) When you store leftovers, be sure to write the date on a sticky label that will adhere to the Ziploc® Brand Containers.

Wipe off stove and oven tops. After each use, wipe down your stove top and oven door face (inside and out) to get rid of food residue and sticky film. If you’ve had a spill in your oven, sprinkle a little salt on it while the oven is still warm. As the oven cools, scrape up the gunk with a rubber spatula and wipe clean with a cloth.

Empty trash. Garbage is one of the biggest magnets for roaches. Get in the habit of emptying trash cans and replacing liners daily.

Sweep floor. Before you close the kitchen for the night, give the floor a 20-second sweep to pick up food particles and other debris and keep roaches at bay.


Clean small appliances. Get your microwave, mixer, toaster and coffee machine shiny and clean. Use a multi-surface cleaner such as Windex® Multi-Surface Grease Cutter to clean and shine surfaces. Pledge® Multi Surface Everyday Cleaners are great for removing smudges, fingerprints and water spots from the outside of your stainless steel appliances. Be sure to lift up your appliances and remove the crumbs and grime that have accumulated underneath. And don't forget to empty crumbs from the tray inside your toaster.

Desmudge surfaces. Dust wood cabinets and clean stainless steel appliances, sinks and fixtures, TryPledge® Wipes.

Mop floors. After sweeping, mop your kitchen floor once a week using Pledge® Clean & Shine Multi Surface Floor Cleaner. It helps loosen dirt and quickly cut through tough stains and grime on vinyl, ceramic tile, linoleum, sealed wood and laminated floors before they can become deeply embedded.

Wash garbage cans. Keep your can smelling fresh by hosing it down weekly—especially in warm weather when odors intensify. (Do it in your tub or outdoors.) First spray with water, rinse out and dry. Then spray both the interior and exterior with fantastik® Antibacterial All Purpose Cleaner Lemon Power®. Finally, wipe down with paper towels, let dry completely and then rebag.


Deep clean the oven and stove. Clean the inside of your oven regularly (weekly if you cook every day, or monthly if you cook less) with a strong oven cleaner. For sticky messes, use a nylon sponge with a scrubby backing dipped in fantastik® OxyPower® Multi-Purpose Cleaner for a heavy-duty clean. (Be careful not to drip anything into the vent openings.) Consult the oven owner's manual for complete cleaning instructions.

Deep-clean fridge and freezer. Save time by deep-cleaning your fridge and freezer on the same day. The job takes some preplanning so first check out these tips for cleaning your fridge.

Purge and clean cabinets. Still trying to find a use for that rock-hard brown sugar? Empty your cabinets of stale, rancid and unusable foods (including old spices, which lose their potency after 2 to 3 years), and wipe away crumbs with a damp cloth.

Deodorize dishwasher. Give your dishwasher a treat by running a complete cycle using only dishwashing detergent in an empty machine.

Free up drains. Protect your drains by using Drano® Pipe & Septic Care every month. The unique formula, containing natural enzymes and bacteria, prevents clogs from forming in your pipes and keeps drains running smoothly.

Shine up kitchen floor. There is nothing like the beauty of a clean, streak-free kitchen floor. Mopping your floor at least once a month with Pledge® Clean & Shine Multi Surface Floor Cleaner helps remove the dirt and grime that build up over time. It’s easy to use, too. Just squirt on the floor and mop (no diluting needed).

Source:  Johnson & Johnson

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