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To begin the path to cleaner, fresher, better tasting coffee, follow these simple steps:Mix 1/2 cup vinegar with 4 cups of water.Run the mixture through the coffee pot.Turn off the coffee pot, and let it cool down.Run the vinegar and water mixture thru coffee maker one more time.Run plain water through the coffee maker; let cool for another 30 minutes, repeat.Wash both the carafe and the filter with soapy hot water.That's it! If you have problems with coffee stains on any cups, or pots we recommend our Bring It On! It Really Works Water Stain Remover. This formula contains an oxygen type bleach to remove stubborn coffee and berry stains.If you are fastidious about removing the discoloration from the heating element, we recommend you use a few drops of Oranges '95.For a lot more information about Oranges '95, click here. For a lot more information about Bring It On Cleaner, click here. 
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