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Marble Floor Maintenance

And other polished stone surfaces

Keep your Marble dust-free Ordinary dust particles will obscure the natural beauty and appearance of your marble or polished natural stone. Dry-dust surfaces regularly using a soft, non oily cloth or cloth mop (see "Sh-Mop").


 Clean your Marble carefully Wash Marble surfaces with cool, clean water. Mop or wipe with mild cleaning solution (see "One step ") using short overlapping strokes. Rinse thoroughly with clear water to avoid streaks or soapy build-up.


Use a Separate MopIt's best to use a clean mop on marble or terrazzo floors, one that is free of harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners (see "Sh-Mop"). Tend to spills immediately Acidic spills will mar surfaces quickly. Sponge up spills from citrus juices, sodas, wine and alcohol using fresh, clean water. If necessary your regular marble cleanser may be used (see One step "). Note: Wet marble can be very slippery.


Never add vinegar to cleaning solutions

Vinegar chemically reacts with the calcium carbonate in marble and strips the shine. Permanently etching the surface. Use gentle, neutral cleaners (see "One step ").


For marble or granite counter tops and furniture

Marbamist is a wonderful ready to use stone cleaner that will safely clean and condition Granite Counter tops, Marble Vanities, Limestone Tile, Slate, Concrete Counter tops, Travertine, Soap Stone and all other types of natural stone counter tops. Marbamist is a streak-free formula that is ideal for cleaning and decreasing kitchen counter tops and tables. It is safe in a food-handling environment and there is no rinsing required. Simply spray and wipe.


Keep metal and hot dishes off your marble

When moisture is present some metals particularly those with iron content will rust leaving unattractive stains. Use non-metal trivets or placements to prevent burn marks, moisture or discoloration.

Squeegee away hard water spots

Cleat Squeegees are a must have for all marble and polished stone counters and shower stalls. Squeegees risk water and soap scum away before they have a chance to dry causing hard water spots.


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