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Home Cleaning in Peoria, AZ.  Whether you have brand new Stainless Steel appliances or you have had them for awhile you learn very quickly how difficult they are to keep clean.  Here is a great tip or you can contact Mari's Cleaning Services and have them come in and shine up your entire home in Peoria, AZ

Using Baby Oil to shine your Stainless Steel appliances:

First, wipe down your appliances with a soft, wet cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth. The baby oil will shine the surface, but won’t really clean any significant grime off of it. For really tough grime, try adding a little bit of vinegar to the wet cloth. Don’t worry about any watermarks left behind by the cloth, you will take care of those with the oil!

Then you need baby oil and a dry, soft cloth. A microfibre cloth is preferable..

Put some baby oil on your cloth and then wipe it on in the direction of the grain of the stainless steel. (What? You didn’t know that stainless steel has a grain? Yeah, I didn’t either. Look closely and you’ll see that there are lots of tiny little lines all going in the same direction – can you see that mine go side to side? Wipe parallel to the the tiny lines and not perpendicular to them, otherwise you risk scratching the surface.) Then, using almost NO pressure at all, turn your cloth over to the dry side and softly buff the oil off. If you see some streaks just gently go over again with some more oil and got that perfect sparkling shine I was looking for.

Looking to have someone clean your home in Peoria, AZ?  Let Mari's team do a deep cleaning and then maintenance cleanings to keep your home sparkling clean.  The most popular and most affordable overall is the every other week cleanings.




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