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How to help your house smell fresh and clean in Glendale, AZ

Everyone loves walking into a clean, fresh smelling home all year round. This is the place where we spend the majority of our time and the way it smells can sometimes make you in a good or a bad mood. Every home however has different smells from cooking, animals, laundry and just the smell of dust. When the weather is nice we can have the fresh smell of clean air in our homes. Here are some suggestions on how to help your house smell fresh and clean all year long.Tip #1: Use an air freshenerIf you haven't tried one already, air fresheners can help any room in the house smell better. The great thing about air fresheners is that you can find them in all kinds of flavors and smells; candles, plug-ins, warmers and sprays are just a few of the different kinds you can use. The downfall to using air fresheners, candles, and sprays is that you have to continue to do so if you want the smell to last for more than a few hours. Some candles will leave the scent behind for a day, but that is about as long as you can hope for with air fresheners. If you don't mind re-spraying, or lighting the candle every day then this is a great way to keep your house smelling fresh and clean.

Tip #2: Use scented cleaning productsAnother good way to keep your home smelling fresh and clean is to use cleaning products that smell fresh and clean. For example, you can buy disinfecting wipes to wipe counters down or to clean bathrooms that smell better than just your average cleaning wipe. Usually after you clean your home with these products any other odors will be eliminated, at least for a while. You can use carpet freshener to help keep your carpets smelling nice as well as floor cleaner.

Tip #3: Clean regularlyBesides using scented cleaning products, another good way to keep your house smelling fresh and clean is to keep it clean. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually the places that require the most attention and can hold odors. Keeping dirty dishes in the sink for more than a couple of days will cause an odor, as well as spoiled foods in the fridge, or foods that have been left out. In the summer time especially food can go bad quickly and can leave an odor in the home that is unbearable. Make sure that you keep up on the house keeping and clean bathrooms weekly (especially if you have kids) as well as vacuuming and picking up odds and ends.

Tip #3: Open up your windowsSometimes a simple thing like opening your windows will get some fresh air into the house and make it smell fresh and clean. At night when the weather cools down in the fall and even during the winter season on the warmer days (if it's cold where you live) you can pop the windows open and let the fresh air in and the germs out.Tip #4: Keep pets cleanIf you have any pets in your home make sure to keep them well bathed and clean so that you're harboring any pet odors anywhere. You want to also make sure that you clean out litter boxes and any pet accidents (as well as kids) that might happen right away. Leaving them sitting around will only make the smells worse and your house will be far from fresh and clean.















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