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Cleaning Solutions for Disinfecting Your Home in Peoria, AZ


Keeping one’s home spotless and germ-free is fundamental to the well-being of one’s family. When should you use sanitizer and when should you use disinfectant? It’s confusing to know when to use one term rather than the other, given that they sound alike and often serve comparable purposes.

Fortunately, Mari’s Cleaning Service of Peoria, Arizona, is here to lend a hand.


Infections and Illnesses Caused by Bacteria and Other Germs

The air, the water, and the surfaces of everyday life are all potential breeding grounds for disease-causing germs and bacteria. Those infected can pass it on by just touching others.

Some bacteria and viruses are quite harmful, though. To prevent this, it’s wise to cleanse household surfaces once or twice weekly.

Reduce the amount of dirt and dust that collects on commonly used surfaces by wiping them down with a moist cloth, sponge, soap, or basic household cleaner after each use.


Is Disinfecting or Sanitizing Better for Killing Germs?

Cleaning your home of grime and other toxins begins with a call to Mari’s Professional Home Watch & Cleaning Services. But if you have a bacterial infection or some other health problem, you’ll need to take extra precautions. To get rid of germs and other potentially dangerous microbes, you need to clean and disinfect.

The CDC and other public health organizations will establish the target bacterial load and the methods for attaining it.

The maids who work with Mari’s Professional Home Watch & Cleaning Services can disinfect your property with the help of some specialist cleaning products. The proper time for cleaning products to do their job and destroy germs is not always obvious.


Compare Germicidal Products For Cleaning Homes

Knowing about the options for keeping your home clean and secure is crucial. Regular cleanings are recommended to assist lessen the buildup of dust and clutter. Disinfection is necessary if there is a possibility of a bacterial infestation or if someone’s immune system is compromised.

There are disinfectants that have been given the green light by the EPA. In deciding whether to disinfect or clean, it’s important to first identify the areas of the home that are in the worst shape.

Besides the typical bathroom fixtures like the sink, tub, and shower, other frequently touched areas like the light switches and door handles should also be cleansed.


Top Cleaning Solutions for Disinfecting Your Home in Peoria, AZ

We offer professional disinfecting and sanitizing services to keep your house clean and healthy. We have everything you need to keep your home clean and germ-free.

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