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As you purchase a home or invest in a foreclosed home, you may find the home in need of some serious cleaning. Or maybe you’ve just been too busy with your current home and a thorough spring cleaning is in order. To tackle tough dirt, both inside and outside your home, Clorox  has an excellent family of products available through Lowe’s.Outside Cleaning From patios to driveways to garbage cans, the dirt and grime built up from the great outdoors can be a great hassle to clean. But simple cleaning of the exterior of your house can significantly increase its curb appeal and value.Clorox Pro Results Outdoor Bleach Spray and Outdoor Bleach Cleaner are specially formulated to remove stains from patios, driveways, and sidewalks, as well as help protect metal surfaces from corrosion. When used as directed, they won’t harm grass or plants, but they’re powerful against big or small jobs.Inside Cleaning How about the area of the house you live in and interact with every day? The interior of the house can either be your clean sanctuary or a festering hotbed of dirt, mold, and germs. Stay healthy and happy with Clorox’s effective family of indoor cleaning products, including Clorox Pine Sol, Formula 409, and Tile (brands you’re certainly familiar with). Pine Sol cleans and deodorizes floors, counter tops, tile, sinks, garbage cans, and more, removing dirt from hard surfaces. Formula 409 powers through messes on a wide range of surfaces, easily dissolving them on contact while delivering a streak-free shine for a beautiful, sparkling kitchen every day. Tile kills 99.9% of household molds and tough mildew without scrubbing. Finally, finish it all off by actually removing the garbage from your house using GLAD Force Flex Drawstring Trash Bags, which have a unique diamond texture that stretch to prevent rips, tears and messy cleanups. Treat your new or current house to a thorough cleaning of every nook and cranny, both inside and outside.

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